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A Christmas Tradition

I have always loved going to theme parks, ever since I was little and my parents took me to Disneyland in California and Knotts Berry Farm (my favorite, I loved Snoopy)! When I got a little older and visited the Bay Area frequently I had a season pass to Great America which I loved being […]

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Take a Risk?

Having traveled to 27 countries, we have had to decide about buying travel insurance or not. When we were first started traveling, many years ago, we were younger in university and notably without jobs and/or poor! But we always found a way to travel because it was (is!) our priority. But being younger, in university, […]

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My Travel Wish List

  Seine River Cruise I love to take river tours while traveling because I think that they give a completely different perspective of the city and the area that you don’t normally get to see. After living in France for 2+ years now, something that has slowly crept up my must do list is taking […]

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Reasons to visit the beautiful and beguiling Cape Verde

It is easy to see why taking a trip to Cape Verde is on so many peoples’ bucket list. Those interested in visiting this archipelago located off the coast of Western Africa have the opportunity to discover some truly intriguing flora and fauna, absorb the culture of several unique islands and partake in any number […]

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Bike Tour: Paris to Normandy

Last month I took my first bike trip in France. I followed the Seine from Paris to it’s end in Le Havre in northern France. In Le Havre I tried to track down some of my French relatives, which didn’t turn out so well. Then I continued on along the coast visiting the villages and […]

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How to Watch NFL Game Pass in the US

Currently there is no easy way to live stream NFL games online in the US. If you live outside the US, you can subscribe to NFL Game Pass and watch NFL games live, but because of television rights, fans in the United States have been left out of a reliable way to watch their favorite […]

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8 Things Every Traveler Should have in their Backpack

Some people spend weeks figuring out what to squeeze into their backpack for a trip. If you only bring one backpack with you on your trip, which for most people should be plenty of space, every single thing you pack in your bag must be carefully thought out. You need to pack just the necessitates […]

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3 Reasons Every Backpacker Needs a VPN

When you’re putting together your next packing list to head out on another backpacking adventure somewhere in the world, don’t forget to get a VPN for your trip to Europe, South America or around the world. Don’t know what a VPN is? A VPN is a valuable tool for any traveler. Here are 3 reasons […]

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