Exposition Coloniale

The Human Zoo of Paris

East of the city in Paris’s Bois de Vincennes, sits whats left of an Exposition Coloniale, or the forgotten human zoo of Paris. Back in France’s colonial days, they held an exhibition in Paris to show the different cultures and lives of people in French territory. Today the area of what was basically a human […]

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Camden Town Underground Station

Top Ten things to see in London

It’s been several years since living in England and being a quick train ride from the center of London. We’re so close to London now, a cheap Eurolines bus ride would bring us there, we have to take a trip there soon. London is still my favorite city I’ve been to. Whenever we go back […]

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How to Move to Paris and Live there Forever

How to Move to Paris: Lot’s of people dream of moving to Paris one day but for most, it will only ever be a dream. It doesn’t have to be though, moving to Paris may not be as hard as you think. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you have, […]

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10 Reasons you Need a Passport

Lots of people dream of traveling the world or just taking a once in a lifetime trip to Paris, London or Tokyo. Only about one-third of Americans have a passport and far less ever actually use it. Whether you want to become a world traveler or just spend your next vacation somewhere abroad your going […]

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Top casinos to Visit When Travelling in Europe

Probably the most famous of all European casinos is the Casino of Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is famous for many things including the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, but just about everybody has heard of its casino. Although not quite the oldest casino in Europe, it has a history that began in 1848. At the time […]

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Travel Blog Success Review

If you are a travel blogger or you’d like to start your own travel blog I can’t recommend Travel Blog Success enough. You don’t need to become a member of Travel Blog Success to get started on your blogging adventure but if you want to learn from one of the best in the business and […]

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