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10 Reasons you Need a Passport

Passport filled with stamps

Lots of people dream of traveling the world or just taking a once in a lifetime trip to Paris, London or Tokyo. Only about one-third of Americans have a passport and far less ever actually use it. Whether you want to become a world traveler or just spend your next vacation somewhere abroad your going to need a passport.

Here are 10 reasons you need a passport

1.) You can’t go anywhere without a passport. Last time I checked you could still drive into Canada without a passport but you couldn’t fly there with one. If you want to go just about anywhere in the world outside of your home country you’re going to need a passport.

2.) A passport is the first step when planning your trip abroad. There are a lot of different steps to planning to take a trip to a foreign country. You can do all the saving and planning in the world but if you don’t possess a passport you won’t be going anywhere.US Passport

3.) It can change your life. Travel can have a profound affect on your life. From experiencing new cultures, seeing new things, meeting new people, it can all change you and your personality for the better.

4.) You’ll be able to finally take that trip to Europe you’ve always dreamed of. Many people dream of taking a trip to Europe to experience Paris and see the Eiffel tower or experience the nightlife in London. No matter how much money you are earning and saving you can’t take that trip to Europe without a passport.

5.) Your passport application can be very slow. At peak times, like just before summer when lots of people are planning trips abroad, the passport office can be very busy meaning it may take several months for them to process your passport application. You should apply for your passport well in advance of your trip so you don’t run into any problems waiting for the last-minute.

6.) If you already have your passport you can take that spur of the moment trip your friend might invite you on. Maybe you have a friend who invites you on a last-minute trip out of the country. You won’t be able to get your passport overnight, so if you don’t already have it you won’t get to go on that last-minute trip.Open Passort with stamps

7.) Or maybe your job wants to send you abroad. Maybe your boss needs to send somebody overseas, that somebody could be you taking a free trip as long as you have a passport. A passport might even make you look better when looking for that new job, maybe you’ll get hired and they’ll send you to work in their Bangkok office.

8.) Traveling abroad isn’t as hard or as expensive as you think. Sure there are lots of things that will add up like a flight, passport, lodging, food and all the other stuff that comes along with travel. But if you get your passport now you won’t have to worry about the cost coming out of your travel budget when the time finally comes to take a trip. When you get home from a trip you’ll always think the cost was totally worth the experience anyway, making it even easier to save for the next trip.

9.) You can’t become an expat without a passport. Don’t like the country you’re living in now? Well you can escape the politics and culture that’s got you sour as long as you have a passport. Moving to a new country and finding work might be a challenge but it’s not impossible – unless you don’t have a passport.

10.) Because you can’t travel without one. Sure it sounds basically like #1 but that’s because it’s true. You can dream all day long about how amazing traveling the world would be, even if it’s not going to happen for a year or five years. Without a passport you can’t do any of it.

So there you have it, 10 reasons why you need a passport. If your ready to get your passport than get your application started today so you can start dreaming about your trip tomorrow.




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