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3 Reasons Every Backpacker Needs a VPN

When you’re putting together your next packing list to head out on another backpacking adventure somewhere in the world, don’t forget to get a VPN for your trip to Europe, South America or around the world. Don’t know what a VPN is? A VPN is a valuable tool for any traveler. Here are 3 reasons why you need to have a VPN for your next trip.

1. When using free wifi in a hostel or hotel – IF your connected to wifi in your hostel it’s possible someone can be snooping into your internet activities or blocking downloads. If you’re connected to a VPN, all of the data you send over the internet will be encrypted and private from everyone.

2. Unblock websites – If you’re traveling in China and can’t access Facebook, or your just trying to watch some TV or movies from your favorite site back home, a VPN can unblock any service or website if it’s blocked int he country your traveling.

3. Browse private in a cafe or on public wifi – Backpackers will often camp out anywhere they can score an open wifi signal. Whether your on your phone or computer these open wifi networks are very unsecure and leave your data open to theft. If you have a VPN you can connect and use and free wifi without worrying about someone stealing your private data.

So before you leave for your trip signup for a VPN service with one of the many providers. I recommend StrongVPN, but it’s best to research which VPN is right for you based on what countries you’ll be traveling too. VPN’s aren’t just for people traveling with laptops. Any traveler can benefit from a VPN if they are using phones or tablets too. These are just 3 reasons why every backpacker and traveler needs a VPN but there are dozens of other advantages of having a VPN too.

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