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34 Pictures from Our Road Trip to Spain this Summer

As always I am very slow at doing anything with photos I take. I finally got around to going through photos we took on a Road trip to Spain’s Costa Brava in July. We rented a car for a couple of days with what was originally was planned as a trip to the beach. After seeing how close we were to Spain we decided to just keep driving south along the Mediterranean coast until we got there just because we could. We went through lots of beautiful small coastal towns in the south of France and north Spain and spent some time on a couple of very nice beaches. Sleeping on the side of the road in Spain outside of a town beside a semi-truck. These are our favorite pictures from our Road trip to Spain.

Sunflowers - French Countryside

First thing you notice driving through the south of France is that sunflowers seems to be the largest crop in the country. Don’t really know if that’s true or not but there seem to be endless fields of sunflowers in the countryside and they are beautiful.

France to Spain Road Trip

The best way to travel by car in France is to avoid the major freeways and motorways. They can be very expensive and you can see much more of the countryside if you take the smaller roads. This way you don’t bypass many of the small villages in the countryside, which are what makes driving in France great in the first place.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080041

This was the first beach we stopped at. Somewhere south of Narbonne – not really sure what the name of the town was.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080043

It was a beautiful beach though. It was rather windy which caused the sea to have some pretty large waves. It was great fun to swim until they made everyone get out of the water for safety. After a couple hours on the beach we decided to head to another beach where we might be able to swim again, this is when we noticed how close we were to Spain and decided to just drive all the way there.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080050

So further south we continued to drive…

France to Spain Road Trip-1080056

There were quite a few little small towns along the coast as we got closer to Spain.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080058

It’s hard to know which pictures are from which town, I don’t think I really knew the names of places even when we were in them.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080066

They were all extremely beautiful though.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080109

Almost to Spain!

France to Spain Road Trip-1080120

Looking back into France along the coast. The Pyrenees run along the border between France and Spain and here where they meet the Sea it’s very hilly as the drop off almost immediately into the water. Here were only a couple more miles from the border of Spain.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080077

The next few pictures are a bit easier for me to remember because they were the of the very last town in France before the border.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080137

This is along the waterfront in the city of Cerbere.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080139

As with most of France, there were a lot of tourists here. this time instead of foreign tourists they seemed to be mostly French tourists on holiday.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080144

After leaving Cerbere you continue driving a winding road up a hill until you reach the border. This is looking back into France from the border. I was actually already standing in Spain when I took this picture.

Abandoned French Spanish Border Crossing

The first time we crossed the border I didn’t get a chance to take some pictures of the border crossing so I stopped so I could take some on the way back. Since the border crossings in Europe have mostly disappeared this is what remains of the one between Spain and France. At one time this would have been where you’d have to stop to have you passport checked and go through customs. Today you just drive straight through with out even slowing down.

Border crossing between France and Spain

The buildings are all still standing for border control but as far as I could see they have been abandoned completely.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080279

Between France and Spain I believe the borders were opened sometime in the mid to late 90’s and thus have been left standing ever since. This was probably the most interesting part of our trip for me.

France sign on the border of Spain and France

Entering France – or in our case leaving France.

Espana Border Sign

And entering Spain!

France to Spain Road Trip-1080172

We decided to stop in the very first town, Portbou, so we could take a swim in Spain.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080183

Less than 10 minutes from a French town and the architecture is clearly different. Also seemed like there was less money just after crossing the border.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080194

The city of Colera – hiked up a hill to get a view of the city.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080196

And stayed to enjoy the sunset over Colera.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080212

The waterfront of Colera lit up at night. We had Paella for dinner at one of the restaurants nearby.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080216

We slept in the car outside of a town called Figures that was inland from the sea a bit. It was warm enough that I was able to lay my seat back and kick my legs out the windows to sleep – I did end up getting eaten alive by mosquitos doing this though. In the morning I got up to stretch and see what was around where we had parked and snapped this picture of the early morning in the countryside of Costa Brava.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080222

We drove back towards the coast first thing in the morning to a city called Roses. The weather didn’t start off looking so hot in the morning but it quickly burned off to reveal another beautiful day.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080224

If only the beach had stayed this empty.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080230

Took a stroll away from the beach for a few minutes.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080229

Did lots of swimming and just laying on the beach this day.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080227


France to Spain Road Trip-1080228

Perfect day for some swimming.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080232

The beach got rather busy.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080254

It’s strange how different the Spanish countryside and French Countryside look even though they are so close together.

France to Spain Road Trip-1080244

After spotting an abandoned castle (none of the pictures turned out cool) perched on a hill we decided to hike up and check it out. Nice view of the Spanish countryside from up there.



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