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8 Things Every Traveler Should have in their Backpack

Some people spend weeks figuring out what to squeeze into their backpack for a trip. If you only bring one backpack with you on your trip, which for most people should be plenty of space, every single thing you pack in your bag must be carefully thought out. You need to pack just the necessitates and leave the rest. Here are 8 things that should be in every travelers backpack or packing list.

Pack these 8 things

1. Quick Drying Travel Towel – A quick drying travel towel is must have if your going to be staying in hostels. Not every place you stay at night will always provide you with clean towels. A small quick dry towel is light weight and won’t take up much space in your backpack.

Eagle Creek Travel Towels

2. Travel Sheet – The same goes for bed sheets. Not every place will provide them, and even sometimes when they do it’s nice to have a shield between you and a dirty bed. If you get a silk travel sheet, it will hardly take up any space in your bag.

Travel Bedsheet

3. Headlamp – A headlamp or a flashlight is often overlooked when packing but they’ll come in use when your taking a nighttime walk or returning home dorm late a t night. With a headlamp you can still get ready for sleep without having to wake other up in the room turning the lights on.

travel headlamp

4. Kindle – You’ll always have time to read when you’re traveling. A kindle or other e-reader is essential for the traveler, you can fit hundreds of books in you backpack without taking up hardly any space.


5. Packing Cubes – One of the secrets to packing light is packing cubes. With packing cubes you can pack more into a smaller space in your backpack or luggage. The cubes come in different sizes and compress your belongings when zipped shut allowing you to bring more and fit more into your backpack.

Travelers Packing Cubes

6. Extra Memory Cards – Always wise to bring along a couple extra-large memory cards with you. They take up almost no space in your bag and you never know when you might need an extra SD card.

SD Card Thumb 1.jpgac4389b7-8066-4ddd-bdaa-f2e2132360c4Larger

7. Headphone Splitter – Whether you’re traveling as a couple or just make a new friend, it’s cool to be able to share your music or entertainment on a long bus or flight. With a headphone splitter you can share audio with a friend whenever you want. A headphone splitter is tiny and easy to carry in your backpack

headphone splitter

8. Tide Pen – Every traveler ends up wearing clothes more than once between washes. Sometimes you make a mess on an otherwise clean pair of pants or shirt and you can’t wash it right away since your on the road. A Tide Pen can fit in your pocket and can clean up any dirty spots you get on your clothes, helping you squeeze a couple more days out of them.

tide-to-go-pen_300These 8 things should be in every travelers backpack. They all take up hardly any space but will make your trip a little but better.

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