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The benefits of booking a last-minute break away

If your availability for travel is fairly flexible, then booking a last minute holiday makes sound financial sense. Many late deals boast big savings on original holiday prices. For families with young children, not being tied to school term times can often be of considerable benefit. Similarly, those with flexible working schedules can also profit from being able to head off at the drop of a hat.

If you’re seeking sunnier shores, being open-minded and flexible about your holiday options will stand you in good stead. If you’ve set your sights on a particular resort or hotel in a favourite destination, then booking in advance may be the best way to avoid disappointment.

While holidaymakers often have considerable choice and control over their booking, there’s no guarantee that a familiar holiday hotspot will be available on a bargain basis.

It’s easy to find late deals, offering a range of destinations from which to choose. While a favoured resort might not be available, last minute holiday deals can encourage travellers to broaden their horizons and discover new and different destinations. Experiencing alternative cultures and visiting previously unconsidered countries will break old holiday habits as well as saving considerable sums.

One of the most expensive times of the year to travel is during the school summer holidays and particularly so, during the month of August. Demand at this time of the year is high due to educational dictates, thus creating a seller’s market for tour operators.

Families with children of school age can benefit considerably by booking their annual holidays at the last minute. The cut price cost of last minute tickets can make a family summer holiday a viable prospect particularly when the cost of advance bookings are beyond many budgets.

This is even more beneficial as stricter regulations have been brought into place to govern the rules surrounding taking children out of school for holidays during term-time. Under the amendments to the Education (Pupil Register) (England) Regulations 2006, head teachers may only grant leave of absence during term time under exceptional circumstances the fines issues to parents for failing to ensure their children regularly attend school will have shorter payment times of £60 within 21 days rather than the previously charged £120 in 28 days.

Deciding on annual leave dates in advance needn’t dictate booking your holiday well ahead of schedule though. Having available dates agreed means you can leave booking the actual trip until the last minute, allowing you to benefit from considerable savings and the excitement of settling on an unknown and undiscovered destination.

The reason why considerable savings can be made from bagging a last minute bargain is because holiday companies are always keen to ensure seats are full and rooms are occupied. As departure dates dawn, airlines and hotels aim to fill any remaining spaces by offering knock-down prices on original costs, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness.

So steel your nerves, bag a last minute bargain and jet off to sunnier shores with a little extra spending money in your back pocket.

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