How to Get NFL Game Pass Free

NFL Game Pass is too expensive for me so I found a way to get NFL Game Pass free.

It doesn’t matter what country you live in (yes this trick works in the United States too) you can get NFL Game Pass free. I used this method to watch NFL Game Pass for free last season and it still works this season too. To get NFL Game Pass free you need to connect to a VPN in the Netherlands. But why?

NFL Fans in the Netherlands get free access to NFL Game Pass.

So how does this help you? If you sign up for a VPN that has servers located in the Netherlands, once you’re connected, the game pass website will think you live in the Netherlands, letting you get NFL Game pass free too. I don’t know why NFL Game Pass is free in the Netherlands, it might be to try to build an NFL audience abroad. Whatever the reason is you can use it to get NFL game pass free for yourself.

What VPN should you use?

It doesn’t matter what VPN you use to get NFL game pass free. As long as the VPN has servers in the Netherlands it will work. I use StrongVPN and it’s worked great for me so far but you could use any vpn you want. If you can find a free vpn in the Netherlands all you have to do is disconnect from the VPN once your stream has started. This will let you get NFL Game Pass free while avoiding any transfer caps on a free VPN that would otherwise make watching a game impossible.

If NFL Game Pass is too expensive for you I hope this trick helps you get NFL Game pass free so you can enjoy watching all the games online. Enjoy the season!

get nfl game pass free

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  • Wes

    Hey Joe,
    It appears that just recently NFL has cancelled offering game pass to the netherlands for free. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Baguette Mageek

      when i’m trying to do it, they asking me my account number even if it’s free.

      i see it’s free but despite they are asking me…

      • Joe

        Make sure your clearing cookies before going back to the site. I’m not having any trouble. Another option is to use a VPN in New Zealand, I recently heard it’s free there also.

    • Joe

      Make sure your clearing all cookies before you try to connect with the VPN. It’s still working for me.

      • JB

        It was working for me in week one, but now it just kicks me to a page that promotes Audio Pass and Game Rewind only. Any advice?

  • Kevin Deamandel

    The reason why they are offering this for free is because they have no local broadcasting contract/affiliate. And until they do, it’ll probably continue to be free.

  • SteverBeaver

    Woohooo!!! This worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch!

    • Joe

      Enjoy :)

  • Nick

    Has anyone found a good free NL-based VPN service?

  • Chase Walsh

    awesome. thought they stopped offering it but it’s working for me now.

  • Tyler

    Do you use StrongVPN for the duration of the game, or do you disconnect once your stream starts?

    • Joe

      You might get a faster connection if you disconnect after you load the game.

  • Jim

    So, do you pay Strong for the use of their VPN or is there a way to get it for free?

    • Joe

      I’m using StrongVPN

  • Joe

    Cookies probably – clear them and reload

  • Joshua

    Buying vpn too is expensive

  • Appatight

    This is the best way to do it… No one is absolutely sure for this coming season but this was for last season. The Netherlands, Argentina, and New Zealand all were offered Gamepass for free. If you VPN’ed to any of these countries Gamepass would come up for free. If you have surfed to NFL Gamepass prior to tunneling into one of those countries, you will need to clear cache and cookies. Hidemyass was a cheap VPN service that I know a lot of people used. Once you connect to the VPN and bring up Gamepass and started streaming a game, then you can disconnect from the VPN and preserve your own bandwidth that way the quality will be based on how good your bandwidth is. I streamed these games to my 60in LED last season and it was very very close to perfect. I received in HD and it was crystal clear. Since Gamepass only verifies using the IP of the country to open up
    Gamepass you will not need a full VPN plan. A plan with data usage restriction or cap will work just as good and those are usually a lot cheaper. Just google around. I got lucky and a friend of mine was stationed out in New Zealand and he would set up his Windows XP Professional box and let me VPN to him just so I could connect to get verified so I was 100% free.

  • MNFootball

    I can log into the NFL Gamepass but when i launch the games its just loading, I don’t get any video content…. any reason for this? Also, i cleared the cache and cookies in Safari (iphone) is there a way to clear the cookies in the gamepass app itself?

    • yourmomma282

      This happened to me. Once you change to the Netherlands and load the page and can load games, swap back to the US. My game instantly loaded for me and I’ve since been able to swap games with no issues.

  • VikingsFan101

    I’m having the same issue as MNFootball, the window launches and I can look what games are on but they never load.

  • yourmomma282

    If you guys are having issues, and using the HOLA unblocker extension for Chrome (as I assume you are), load the page, swap to Netherlands. Load a game (it will perpetually buffer and give you a connection error), then open Hola and switch back to US. In my experience, it immediately loaded the game and from there on out I was able to swap back and forth from games. Give it a try!

  • 9erfan4life

    Thank you very much! I ordered StrongVPN today and it worked perfectly with Game Pass! Just went to the site and clicked the watch now button and was watching games instantly. You made me a very happy many.

    I can’t recomend this method enough!

  • Amigos

    How can i download the app?? Im using an iphone and my account is form usa

  • Kevin B

    Wow! This works. I am one happy dude. Thank you so much Joe! I log into the NL via VPN using hidemyass and then switch it off after the game is streaming to get full HD quality (VPN bandwidth is terrible but who cares).

  • Mike Hoffman

    Does anyone know if this is still working for the regular season? I had it up and running using the 30 minute trial period offered by Kepard. my IP is identified as being in the Netherlands. Cleared cookies and cache on multiple browsers and it is still prompting me for payment. Thoughts?

  • Joe

    Clear your cookies and it will work fine.

  • qqq

    WHY do you people fucking tell everyone? The more you post this the quicker it’s going to get fixed. Fucking STUPID.

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