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How to Make Money Travel Blogging

Can travel blogging pay for your travels?

Travel blogging usually starts out as a way for you to share your journey with friends and family back home, but soon you might start to wonder if you can actually make money from travel blogging. Some travel bloggers have managed to earn enough income from the internet to pay for their travels and adventures. While others like me make a little extra money travel blogging to help pay for different things. If your interested in how to make money travel blogging, I recommend checking out Travel Blog Success. Dave Lee of Travel Blog Success claims to make over $4k a month through travel blogging. His website will teach you the in’s and out’s of how to make money travel blogging so that one day you blogging might pay for your travels. To get you started I’ve compiled a short list of ways I’ve used to make money travel blogging that you can start using now.

How to make money travel blogging.


The first way I started to make money travel blogging was through advertisers. You’ll want to put up an advertising page where potential advertisers can see what you offer and who to contact about advertising. There are many are many different types of advertising companies might pay for, common ones that you may start with are sidebar links banner ads. These are where I started to make money from my travel blog. How much you can charge for these types of links varies depending on your traffic and page rank. Agreements can last from any where from a month to twelve months. Advertisers should be contacting you if you have your email posted somewhere they can find it, once they do is up to you to bargain for the price you both agree is fair. Advertising is a great way to start making money from travel blogging.

Sponsored Posts

Some advertisers may contact you wanting to publish content on your travel blog. Usually it is travel related and will contain a few links to a client. While you get paid for a sponsored post, they also have the added benefit of adding more content to your site that may ultimately draw more traffic and advertisers. On the other hand, sponsored posts may be extremely unrelated to your blog’s theme. Sponsored posts are still another way to earn money with your travel blog. Again, how much you charge is up to you. To high and you may never here from the advertiser again, to low or just right, and they might agree to your price immediately.

Affiliate Marketing

I think affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money travel blogging. Affiliate marketing is when you link to a website/product using your special affiliate link. Someone then finds your blog post and clicks your affiliate link. If they decide to buy the product you receive a small percentage of the sale. Affiliate marketing accounts for most of the income generated on A Couple Vagabonds. You can use affiliate marketing easily with sites like Amazon. You can review travel gear and make a new blog post about it with using your Amazon affiliate link. A reader searches for the gear and comes across your post about it. If they click the link to Amazon and buy anything while they are there, you receive your percentage of the sale. There are literally thousands of possibilities for affiliate marketing on your travel blog, which programs you find and use is up to you. But remember, you need to have something people need or else they won’t make it to your blog post with the intention of buying something. Affiliate marketing can really help you make money travel blogging, definitely a technique I think you should be trying.

Google Adsense

While Google Adsense has never earned me any income on my travel blog, it’s worth looking into. After signing up for Adsense you insert their code onto your travel blog. Google will then display ads they think are relevant to your readers, if your readers click the ads you’ll earn money. There are many stories of people making thousands of dollars using Google Adsense, there is no reason you couldn’t use it to earn money travel blogging. To earn anything substantial however your site will probably need an extremely high number of hits per day.

How do you make money travel blogging? There are probably many more ways to make money travel blogging than I’ve listed here. If you have any to share be sure to comment below and let us know how your doing it. Again, if your seriously interested in how to make money travel blogging than I highly recommend checking out Travel Blog Success. I went from making no money at all from travel blogging to earning a pretty decent amount after learning how to become a successful travel blogger from Travel Blog Success.

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