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How to Start a Travel Blog

So, you’re about to leave on a big trip and you’d like to start a travel blog. Or maybe your already on your adventure and you’d like to start a travel blog now to keep friends and family up to date on your travels. Starting a travel blog is very easy, you can be up and blogging in a matter of minutes. A great resource for those new to travel blogging who would like to start a travel blog is Travel Blog Success.

Choose between a WordPress hosted site or self-hosted site.

Before you start a travel blog you have one main decision to make. Will you use a WordPress hosted site or will you register your own domain and host the blog yourself. The advantage to starting a travel blog as a hosted site is that after signing up you can be begin blogging in minutes. If you decide to register your own .com eventually, WordPress makes it easy to migrate your site. If you’d like to start a travel blog with your own domain name (like your own personal .com address) you’ll have to register your domain and choose a host. I highly recommend choosing your own domain and hosting you travel blog yourself. If you ever decide you might like to make money travel blogging having your own .com will be a big advantage.

What host should you start a travel blog with?

There are thousands of different host to choose from when starting a travel blog. Check out my post on the best travel blog hosts. You’ll want to choose a host that is affordable and reliable. Two really great hosts to start a travel blog on are Dreamhost and Hostgator. There are many others to choose from but I’ve found both these sites great to work with. Currently A Couple Vagabonds is hosted by Hostgator while my domain names are registered through Dreamhost. Once you’ve chosen which host you will start a travel blog at you will want to install a content management system for your blog. The most common CMS used my most bloggers is WordPress. Most hosts have easy one click install of WordPress to get you started.

Choose a theme.

As soon as you get WordPress installed you’ll want to choose a theme. A theme will make your travel blog look interesting and unique. There are many free themes to choose from but if your serious about travel blogging you might want to buy a premium theme. A premium theme will help your site stand out from others and add a professional look to it. Theme Forest has many great premium WordPress themes starting at $3, perfect for those looking to start a new travel blog. Another great place to look for WordPress themes is Elegant Themes.

Get Blogging.

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve registered your domain, set up a host, picked a theme, you’re ready to start a travel blog. The last step is to start blogging. If you want to learn more about how to start a travel blog or your interested in monetizing your travel blog then check out Travel Blog Success.

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