How to Watch Netflix in France

Netflix in France

If you are an American or British expat living in France you may be wondering how to watch Netflix in France or if watching Netflix in France is even possible. You’ll be glad to hear that it is indeed possible to watch Netflix in France. You’ve probably noticed the first time you went to Netflix from within France you got the error message “sorry, Netflix is not yet available in your part of the world,” this is because Netflix online streaming has not yet expanded to France. Don’t worry,  I’ll teach you how you can enjoy watching Netflix in France.

Getting Started Watching Netflix in France

The first thing you need to be able to watch Netflix in France is a VPN. A VPN will allow you to trick websites into thinking your internet connection originates from a different location. This means that Netflix will think you are no longer outside of their service area if you connect to a VPN server located in the US or UK.

So where do you find a VPN to watch Netflix in France? There are two types of VPN’s, paid and free. I strongly urge the subscription to a paid VPN service, there are countless benefits from having your own paid VPN service besides watching Netflix in France. A free VPN for Netflix in France might do the trick but you’ll be much happier if you spend the money on a paid VPN to watch Netflix in France. My personal choice for a VPN for watching Netflix in France is StrongVPN.

You can watch more than just Netflix in France with a VPN.

Remember there are many other benefits to having your own VPN connection besides watching Netflix in France. If you are an expat living in France you may want to watch other content from home that is blocked outside your country, by connecting to a VPN you will have access to Netflix in France as well as all the other blocked online services you wish you could use from France. If you are an expat living in France you may be interested in my post on the best VPN for expats.


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  • morgan

    hi, thanks for this great info…! questions please: do I already need to be a Netflix subscriber while in the USA ? in other words, I am currently not, – so can I wait until I am in France to sign up and then do this via the STRONGVPN you recommend ? thanks in advance ! M.

    • Joe

      Yes, of course you can wait to sign up until your in France. Once your connected they will have no idea your not in the US and you will be able to sign up without any problems.

  • May

    Suggestions for free VPNs?

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