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How to Watch Netflix Outside the US on Kindle Fire

Despite Amazon pretty much locking the Kindle Fire down to users outside the US it is possible to watch Netflix outside the US on Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire operating system is built on top of a normal Android 2.3 OS. The Kindle Fire can stream Netflix with ease if you live in the US but if you travel outside of the US or live abroad already you won’t be able to watch Netflix outside the US on the Kindle Fire.

There are a couple things you need to do before you can start watching Netflix outside the Us on the Kindle Fire. First you need to get yourself a VPN. A VPN will allow your location to appear as if you are in the US making Netflix available to you. If you want to learn more about VPN’s and what they do read my What is a VPN page first before moving on.  At VPN Watcher we recommend that you sign up for StrongVPN, out of all the VPN’s we have tested this one works best with the Kindle Fire and Netflix. Once you’ve got a VPN account your ready to move on to the next step.

To watch Netflix outside the US on Kindle Fire you have to connect to a VPN on the Kindle Fire, this is not supported by the Kindle Fire out of the box so we need to get rid of Amazon’s limited Kindle Fire version of Android. You will have to root you Kindle Fire and install a new android operating system on the Kindle Fire called Cyanogenmod, but don’t worry this will only unlock the potential of your Kindle Fire. Check out the Kindle Fire section over at the XDA Developers Forums to learn how to root your Kindle Fire and install a full version of Android in your Kindle Fire. Don’t be scared it’s a really simple process and you’ll be turning your Kindle Fire into a fully functional $200 tablet that now has the ability to watch Netflix from outside the US.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the Amazon OS and installed a full version of Android you’ll be able to enter in your credentials for your new VPN in the network settings on your Kindle Fire. Once connected you will be able to stream Netflix outside the US on Kindle Fire easily. You will lose Amazon Prime Instant Video in the Process but it’s not like it’s any good anyway.


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