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Life in Paris


Life in Paris

We’ve been living in Paris since the beginning of September. It has been a big change from living in Toulouse. Paris is much bigger and more expensive. Neither of us are teaching English anymore apart from a couple private lessons here and there. We’ve moved to Paris because of a Masters program here that Jillian is taking. That means Paris will likely be home for the next couple of years.

Life in Paris

We’re living in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, not too far from Gare du Nord, Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. Sacre Coeur is only about a fifteen minute walk away. We don’t live in the nicest area of Paris but we are pretty lucky to be close to some pretty great areas. We can even have a window in our apartment worth looking out of this year. At night you can see the spotlight from the Eiffel Tower shoot across our bit of city we can see out the window. Living on the top floor of the building also means we get just a glimpse of the top of Sacre Couer when coming or going. We can easily climb to the roof of our building and see Sacre Coeur and the top of the Eiffel Tower too. Probably a great place to hangout in the evening when Spring comes.

Eiffel Tower

It’s not difficult to fill your free time here. Just take a walk to some random place in Paris and you’re bound to run into something interesting along the way. The weather is getting cold now so walking around all day exploring isn’t quite as enjoyable as it was when we first got here. Mostly we though we spend our time studying French, hanging out with friends, and trying to spend as little money as possible. It would be easy with so much to do here to spend all your money to fast.


The view from our apartment in Paris.









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