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How to Move to Paris and Live there Forever

Paris Buildings - How to move to Paris

How to Move to Paris:

Lot’s of people dream of moving to Paris one day but for most, it will only ever be a dream. It doesn’t have to be though, moving to Paris may not be as hard as you think. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you have, if living in Paris is something you want to experience you just need to that goal a priority in life.

How to live to Paris- Bastille and Canal

Study abroad if you can

For those still in school one of the best ways to live in Paris is study abroad there. Participate in a traditional study abroad program if you can, any opportunity to travel and live abroad will hopefully lead to more of it later on down the road. An even better idea to study abroad would to be to get your degree from a university in Paris. Paris is filled with students studying in every field, some of them even in English. If you look into it you might be able to find a school to go to in Paris; there’s a good chance it would probably end up being cheaper than studying at a University in your home country anyway. By the time your program is over, with any luck, you’ll have found a reason to live in Paris for good. Another reason this is a good way to move to Paris is because you’ll be given a student visa that will let you work during your studies in Paris.How to live to Paris - Eiffel Tower

Learn French at a Language School in Paris

Another way to move to Paris is to study French at a language school in Paris. A much cheaper alternative to studying abroad through university is studying French with a school that will get you a student visa. If you study for 20 hours a week for just three months you can get a student visa that will allow you to work, live, and learn French in Paris for one year. Working is obviously key for most people when being able to move to Paris, it’s an expensive city, so if you can get a student visa things will be much easier for you. You’ll probably want to learn French anyway if you’re dreaming of moving to Paris, this would be a good way to get a visa and learn French at the same time.

Live Illegally

Of course if you’re the adventurous type you could buy a ticket to Paris and overstay your visa. It wouldn’t be the easiest life, getting a bank account, apartment, or a real job would more than likely be impossible. However there are probably more than enough people you could teach private English lessons to in Paris to survive. Most young people have roommates so finding a place to sleep wouldn’t be impossible, nobody would probably ask about your visa anyway.

How to live to Paris - Paris SkylineWhat about Work?

The easiest and most obvious would be to teach English, either privately or for a language school. It’s a big city with people from all over the world learning English; so if you’re good at speaking it, why not teach it to them. A close second would be babysitting or an au pair position. Lots of French people just want a native English speaker to spend time with their kids for an hour or two a few times a week. Other ideas if you don’t speak French would be a tour guide, pub work, or a tourist shop. If you can speak French already then why not try and find work in your field, if you can do that then you’re well on your way to making your move to Paris permanent. Even better, if you work for a company that has offices in Paris, try to get transferred. That would take care of visa issues, work and likely housing too all in one shot.

Get Started planning

Now that you have an idea of how you can move to Paris you need to get started. Start saving every little bit you can. You’ll need enough for a flight to Paris. Tuition for school or French classes if that’s how you get your visa. Fees for whatever visa you apply for. And enough money to last in Paris until you until you think you’ll find work. What it costs each person might be different but it’s important to remember it can be done on a very small amount of money and if you want to move to Paris badly enough you’ll find a way to make it work.






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