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Our Story. Part 1

I thought we should have a bit of an introduction of who we are, where we are from, how we met, and how we cam to be here today. Sounds good? Alright, let’s get started.

Jillian grew up in Northern California and at the age of 13 moved to Washington state. She graduated from high school there and continued on to a community college. After completing her A.A. degree, she transferred to Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. She graduated this past March with a B.A. in International Studies focus on Latin America and a minor in Public Health. She is currently back in Washington waiting for her next adventure to begin!

Joe was born and raised in Washington state. Soon after high school graduation, he attended the local community college and after a few years transferred to Portland State University as well. He graduated June of 2010 with a B.S. in Film. He has been teaching English in South Korea since January 2011 and looks forward to coming home in early May to attend Sasquatch! Music Festival!

Joe and Jillian are “high school sweethearts.” They have been together for 8 years. They met in their high school algebra class. Jillian was 14, Joe was 16. They started dating January 2003 and the rest is history. When they completed high school, they continued on to the local community college. After Jillian earned her A.A. degree, they decided to move to Portland, Oregon to attend Portland State University. Joe graduated after being there 2 years and Jillian graduated after 2.5 years. Joe went to South Korea to work while Jillian stayed in Portland to finish her degree.

Part 2 coming soon….



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