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Our Story. Part 2


To continue on with Our Story and to answer the last two questions: how we began traveling and where we have been so far….

Joe and I were attending the local community college and were taking a class together when there was a presentation in the class telling the students about a Service Abroad program that would send you to England for a year to do work abroad with students our age that had disabilities or work in a hospital type setting that housed kids with special needs. We were both intrigued by this program; however, I quickly put it out of my head because it was rather expensive and I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay for it.


Joe knew almost from the moment he saw the presentation, that he wanted to do it and that he was going to do it! He got the money for the program and left in early September 2007.

On his weekends he would take advantage of his free time and would travel on quick trips to different places in Europe. I saved my money and booked my flight to visit him; from late November until just after New Years. I had an amazing time; we traveled to tons of places and spent Christmas in Paris!

Soon after I returned home Joe bought me a flight back at the end of April; I ended up extending my flight and staying until the end of June and we flew home together. Joe’s decision to participate in this program is what created our love for travel.

The following January (2009) we moved to Portland, OR to attend Portland State University. I learned of a program that was basically free and we would be able to go to South Korea to teach English at a summer camp and after the camp we were able to travel around Asia. We participated in this program for the last two summers (2009 and 2010). Now we have both graduated from college; Joe is currently on his way home from South Korea where he taught briefly again after graduation and now we are looking for a couples position in Korea together.

We are very much looking forward to Sasquatch! Music Festival in a couple of weeks!

We have been to approximately 21 countries, including: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, France, Monaco, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India.



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