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Project 365 – Day 2

Project 365 – Day 2: It isn’t the first time we’ve spotted this error on a sign in a hotel. Koreans have a hard time distinguishing between R’s and L’s in English because those two sounds are represented by one letter in Hangul (the Korean alphabet). It never gets old seeing the “Robby” is on the […]

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We’ve been back in Korea for a week now. It’s much more hot and humid than when I left in May. But thankfully cooler weather should be on the way soon. We still have a few more days left in our orientation week for our new public school job. It has been pretty boring so […]

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Suncheon Bay

Project 365 – Day 1

Project 365 – Day 1: We’re starting our own Project 365! We’ll take one photo a day for the next 365 days we spend in Asia and South Korea. This first photo is of Suncheon Bay near Suncheon, South Korea. The area is a nature preserve we visited on a field trip during our orientation week […]

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Golite Pinnacle Backpack VS Osprey Aura 65 Backpack

I have had two backpacks since I started traveling in November 2007. When I found out I would get to visit Joe in England, I started researching backpacks. My main priority was that it weighed very little. I went to REI and looked at all of the backpacks; they were already 3-8 lbs before even […]

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Iranian Flag

25 Amazing Pictures of Iran

When I tell people that I want to travel to Iran they usually think I’m crazy. After a recent trip to India and meeting a fellow backpacker who just came from Iran who told me how amazing it was there and how nice the people were, I knew I had to go. Check out these […]

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Sea to Summit Silk Travel Liner Review

A sleep sheet should be on every travelers packing list, the Sea to Summit Silk Travel Liner is my choice for that sleep sheet. Sometimes hostels may not provide clean sheets or you may end up with dirty bedding somewhere. A sleep sheet of some sort can save the day. When I started travelling I […]

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Incredible Time Lapse Video

Check out this incredible time lapse video of the Milky Way I came across online. Pretty amazing footage made by TSO Photography. Makes me want to learn how to do some time lapse with my camera… The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.    

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Sasquatch! Music Festival 2011: Monday, Day 4 Recap

Day four of the festival was extra special, this was the first year the festival has expanded to four days. Not only did we get an entire extra day of music but we managed to squeeze one more day of Sasquatch! magic out of the festival which, after an incredible day three, didn’t seem possible. […]

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Sasquatch! Music Festival 2011: Sunday, Day 3 Recap

Crystal balls, psychedelics and VIP upgrades top off the best day of music at the festival. After crossing paths with a hippie chick who told us she was carrying a crystal ball that had lots of good energy and things like being in the right place at the right time just sort of happen when […]

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