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Reasons to visit the beautiful and beguiling Cape Verde

It is easy to see why taking a trip to Cape Verde is on so many peoples’ bucket list. Those interested in visiting this archipelago located off the coast of Western Africa have the opportunity to discover some truly intriguing flora and fauna, absorb the culture of several unique islands and partake in any number of adventurous activities.

Vista da Igreja Matriz de São João de Boa Vista, localizada na Praça da Catedral, região central. (Foto: Edson Lopes Jr./A2 Fotografia)

Witness the wildlife

Animal lovers are spoilt for choice on these fascinating islands, as Cape Verde boasts a collection of stunning creatures and critters.

If you book through a holiday maker like First Choice and choose to visit Boa Vista during spring and early summer, you’ll be able to see giant humpback whales out at sea. Inland, various breeds of sparrows, swifts, warblers and other African birds are never too far away either.

You might even be lucky enough to see a loggerhead turtle, arguably Cape Verde’s most captivating animal. Sometimes seen on Ervatao Beach, local conservation organisations work hard to protect these endangered and rather elusive creatures.

Santa Maria del Giglio church

Explore the cultures

Of the 10 volcanic islands that make up Cape Verde, there are a select few that provide the kind of charm and appeal so many holidaymakers long for.

Originally discovered by the Portuguese, the island of Sal possesses an eclectic mix of European, African and Brazilian cultures. On a stroll through the busiest town of Santa Maria, you’ll be able to experience the music, fashions and foods, which make this destination so special.

Elsewhere, the tranquil atmosphere of Boa Vista is perfect for some rest and relaxation while Santiago, the nation’s largest island, is steeped in history.

Enjoy the activities

Giant imposing waves and an abundance of a marine life mean that water sports enthusiasts come here in their droves to go windsurfing and scuba diving.

But if you’d prefer to stay dry yet still enjoy the amazing Atlantic Ocean, fishing is another popular pursuit. Join the locals on the pier or take a deep-sea boat trip to catch some big game species.

On top of that, the mountainous terrain is perfect for a bit of rambling or hiking. Visitors wanting to conquer the country’s highest peak standing at 2,829 metres on Pico do Fogo will probably need a fair amount of experience, fitness and the right footwear.

So, why should you take a visit Cape Verde? Because you get to do a bit of everything on your holiday with incredible surroundings along the way.

Images by Governo do Estado de Sao Joao de Boa Vista and Peter Broster, used under the Creative Commons license.


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