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Sasquatch! Music Festival 2011: Friday, Day 1 Recap

Friday was technically the first day of the Sasquatch! Music Festival, however we arrived at the Gorge campground Thursday evening; starting our Sasquatch! adventure early!

We woke up early Friday morning to music blasting from people still partying from the night before. We were not in a hurry to get ready for the day because Friday was just a half day of music; the first band starting at 4 as opposed to 12 on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Mariachi El Bronx on the Yeti Stage

After a slow morning of just lounging around, we finally started wandering around the campgrounds to see how many people were there and how crazy they already were. We saw tons of people already partying despite it being before noon. We came back to our campsite, had lunch, and began to prepare to go into the festival.


The security check to get in was actually fairly quick and we headed to the Yeti Stage to catch our first band of Sasquatch!. We made it over to see Mariachi El Bronx which was surprisingly very good. They have quite a unique sound: the typical mariachi sound mixed with a rock or indie rock sound. Very good!

Biffy Clyro on the Bigfoot stage

For the next two hours or so, we just kind of drifted between some stages. We caught some of Biffy Clyro, who we were not too impressed with, sadly. So we went over and saw some of Bob Mould who was neither bad nor good, just okay. However, while we were on our way over to the Mainstage we were given the last two tickets to the private acoustic set of Matt and Kim at 7pm! We were super excited. We only watched a few minutes of Bob Mould before heading over to the acoustic tent to wait in-line for the show.


We waited in-line and finally made it into the show, not very far from the front. Matt and Kim came out on stage super pumped and played a handful of songs that they rocked. They had so much energy that just made the show even better! Kim might just be the happiest person I have ever seen in my life!

Matt and Kim in the Acoustic tent

When their set got over, we headed back to the main stage and caught the end of Death From Above 1979. We were not impressed. But they are not our typical genre of music so…. When their set ended we went over to the Banana Shack, where comedy acts and DJs play. We were going to catch some of DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid before the Foo Fighters came on as that night’s headliner.


DJ Anjali was awesome! The crowd was loving her! Everybody was dancing like crazy to her mix of Bollywood tunes, Bhangra, and various local music traditions from around the world. She really knows how to mix music to create dance worthy music that the crowds LOVE! After hanging out at their set for about 30 minutes, we ran over to catch the Foo Fighters.

The Foo Fighters put on a great set! Really getting the crowd into it! They were a great choice for the first night’s headliner. It really got the feeling started for the remainder of the Sasquatch! Music Festival.


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