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Sasquatch! Music Festival 2011: Saturday, Day 2 Recap

After a late night, the night before. We wake up just as early, to people partying and preparing for the day. We started out a bit slower today, a bit tired from the day before but still so excited for day two of Sasquatch! We have breakfast and start preparing to go into the festival. Since Saturday was a full day, we will prepare sandwiches and snacks to take into the venue so we don’t have to purchase the very over-priced food.
We had wanted to try to get into the Gorge to see Seattle Rock Orchestra at 12PM but we were just moving too slow and didn’t even get into the line for security (which was super long) until around 1:30. We finally make it in around 2 and head over to the Mainstage to see The Head and The Heart. We were actually quite impressed with The Head and The Heart and stayed for their whole set. They were a great start for day two!

The next few hours were not filled with any particularly amazing bands….
We caught Aloe Blacc’s one hit song we knew, I Need a Dollar, which was good but we moved on to the Banana Shack where we saw the Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian comedy act, whom we were not impressed with at all and quickly left! We caught the last two songs of Sharon Van Etten, who we were impressed with and kind of wished we had seen her whole set. We must have seen some of Wolf Parade but I don’t remember, so I was clearly not impressed.

Pink Martini came out next on the Mainstage. Pink Martini is a band from Portland, Oregon that is composed of twelve musicians. Pink Martini is known for taking inspiration from music all over the world and mixing classical, jazz, and old-fashioned pop. They put on an amazing show; performing songs in English, Spanish, and French. You could clearly see the passion that these musicians felt for their music. It was one of the best performances of the weekend.

We wandered away after Pink Martini but came back to the Mainstage to catch some of Iron & Wine before Matt & Kim came on at 7:30. Unfortunately the sound at the top of hill overlooking the Mainstage was pretty terrible and we could barely hear Iron & Wine. Very disappointing.
We left early and went over to the Bigfoot Stage to wait for Matt & Kim to start.

Matt & Kim, once again, put on an amazing show. They had so much energy, it was so infectious and made the crowd go even crazier for them! They are so interactive with the crowd and talkative; they put on a great show. We were close to the front so we couldn’t tell how big the crowd they drew was. We heard from our camping neighbors later that night that it was the largest crowd they had ever seen at the Bigfoot stage. Obviously a highlight of the festival for many more than just ourselves.

After Matt & Kim’s awesome set, we walked back over to the Maintstage and caught some of Bright Eyes. Who we were not too crazy about. The lead singer seemed more interested in pushing his views on the audience rather than performing. Lame. We went back over to the Bigfoot Stage and caught Robyn, who is a Swedish pop-singer. Robyn put on a great show. Great vocals, great performance, great light show. Overall, a nice change from the typical indie rock, dance, hip-hop feel and surprise favorite of the day.

Death Cab for Cutie was the headliner for Saturday night. They are neither of our favorite bands; we really only like a handful of their songs. We stayed for a good portion of their set and were able to catch the majority of the songs that we actually like. We were neither thrilled or disappointed with their show.

Bassnectar was the late night set on the Bigfoot Stage. This set was highly anticipated because we had heard how great his shows are, even earning praise as the best performance at Bonnaroo last year. His performance was a let down, the best part being the glow stick war at the beginning. The crowd had brought in literally hundreds of thousands of glow sticks to throw during the Bassnectar performance. While it looked cool, we only lasted through about half of the performance before heading out of the venue for the day. Not only were we not impressed with the show but he kept knocking out the speakers on the stage which seemed to kill some of the energy and momentum on stage.

Two days down and two to go…

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