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The best places to stay in Amsterdam this Summer

Amsterdam remains one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the whole of Europe and the influx of visitors to this vibrant, often risqué, city the whole year round is a testament to its popularity. Amsterdam offers an especially relaxed environment due to its liberalised ideals, its cultural diversity and party atmosphere. It is also especially multi-cultural with nearly half of Amsterdam’s population made up of ethnic groups. Business is booming, conflict and crime are minimal and a sun-drenched landscape of windmills, tulips and cycle tracks evoke an ideal holiday destination this summer.

Amsterdam certainly makes the most of its appeal to tourists. There are hotels scattered around the city, particularly focused in the city centre. And the hotels often have themed years in order to attract extra tourism during which they have special deals, arrangements and activities. 2006, for example, celebrated Rembrandt, one of the city’s most prominent 17th century painters, by proclaiming the year ‘Rembrandt 400’. The city was a particularly exciting place to stay during this time and, as Amsterdam as so much more cultural history to celebrate, many similar years will soon be marked.

The Inner Canal Belt

One of Amsterdam’s most appealing aspects amongst tourist is the fact that it is such a compact city. This contributes to Amsterdam’s energetic feel and the intensity of the whole experience. One could easily walk (or better yet, travel on the tram) from one side of the city to the other and absorb so much of its culture and beauty in the space of an afternoon! Therefore where to stay precisely is of little importance. Before you consign yourself to a walking holiday, however, it might be a good idea to check Amsterdam’s rainfall forecast at But for a visitor looking to enjoy the buzz of the city, the beauty of winding streets and canals and have easy access to all of the city’s main attractions, a hotel within the Inner Canal Belt is the best place to set up camp.

All the main attractions will be accessible from a hotel positioned here. Although this area encapsulated most of Amsterdam’s hotels so the choice of precisely where to stay is vital. Although areas may seem immediately appealing in terms of where to see first, these are most likely not the areas you would wish to stay in: The Red Light Distract for example.

A hugely popular tourist attraction, particularly at night, it is known as the erotic centre of the city, famed for its legalised prostitution. Although it is a must see for tourists, the area has very few hotels and is not an ideal place to retreat to after a long day sight-seeing. Similarly, the Dam Square, the hub of Amsterdam’s energy and culture, offers some expensive hotels which should arguably be avoided as at night time, the Square is less hospitable to those trying to sleep!

Where to stay!

Having spent the day enjoying the thrills of Amsterdam’s vibrant squares, streets and canals, the Museamsplein is most desirable for the tourist looking to retreat to a calm environment. The nights are less fiery and there is a wide range of hotels, varying in price. But, thankfully not too far from the action!


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