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The Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul

Last year, Joe happened to stumble across the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul and said that it was one of his favorite festivals in Korea. So we made sure to go to Seoul this year for the festival so I could see it for myself.

The Lotus Lantern Festival is held in honor of Buddha’s Birthday. During the festival they have various parades and activities held throughout the city.  One of my favorite parts was the Lotus Lantern Parade. The parade is the main highlight of the festival and is almost three hours long. It was filled with beautiful handmade lanterns, big and small. The parade just seemed to keep going and going with amazing lanterns.



After the parade, there was a celebration with music and dancing held in the middle of the street. They pumped confetti over the whole street, it was amazing to see.


Along the Cheonggyecheon Stream that runs through the center of Seoul, they had lanterns strung up across the stream that looked beautiful at night.


During the day, they had a street festival set up. There were tents with lantern making, ceremonial tea making, painting pictures of Buddha, tasting different temple food, and many other activities.

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