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Top Ten things to see in London

It’s been several years since living in England and being a quick train ride from the center of London. We’re so close to London now, a cheap Eurolines bus ride would bring us there, we have to take a trip there soon. London is still my favorite city I’ve been to. Whenever we go back we’ll probably end up doing all the same things. So here is our list of the Top Ten things to see in London.

1. Trafalgar Square

One of my favorite places in London is Trafalgar Square. It feels like the very center of the city and there are lots of places easy walking distance from the square. It’s a great first place to head in the city to start exploring. And the National Gallery sits right on the edge of the square for an easy visit.

2. Camden Town

Another one of my favorite places in London is Camden Town. It’s been known as a cool alternative neighborhood for a long time. By the time I ever saw it was still a cool neighborhood, but the original magic that made it a cool neighborhood was probably long gone. It’s filled with cool shops and interesting markets

3. Soho

A neighborhood usually on everyone’s list to check out is London’s Soho district. Lot’s of trendy shops, bars and clubs in this area. Maybe our next visit we will explore Soho again. I don’t remember it to well besides killing $100 pretty quick on drinks in one night. Be sure to check out the Soho hotel afternoon tea if you’re in the area, a tea is probably cheaper than drinks in Soho.

4. London Eye

It’s a little expensive but the London eye is definitely worth the cost. There are other places to catch a view of the city but the London Eye is right across the river from the Palace of Westminster so the views are well worth it.

5. British Museum

All museums are free in London, at least the last time I checked, and the British Museum is probably the coolest. There are tons of ancient artifacts held at the British Museum including the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Greece and the Rosetta Stone.

6. Hampstead Heath

Tons of movies filmed in London have a shot from a park that offers views of the London skyline. We never got a chance to find this park when we were last in London but a quick search turned up that the park with beautiful views of the city is Hampstead Heath.

7. Leicester Square

Just behind Trafalgar square and the National Gallery is Leicester Square. Another busy square in central London, home to theaters and movie premiers. It’s a great square to stroll through to feel like you’re in the center of everything.

8. Covent Garden

Lots of markets, shops, restaurants and theaters. This is a great area to wander around with lots to see. There’s always street performers and magicians around. Make sure you try a jacket potato from one of the stands around Covent Garden.

9. The Shard

The newest skyscraper in London finished just last year. I imagine it can be seen from all over the city but the reason it makes my list for things to see in London is because it has a viewing platform. The viewing platform from the shard probably has some of the best views of the city.

10. Piccadilly Circus

There is nothing to special about this area, it’s just a busy intersection in the center of London, but I don’t think anyone can take a trip to London and not get some photos of this famous area. Like Times Square in New York, Piccadilly Circus is full of bright lights and advertisements on buildings.

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