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Travel Blog Success Review

If you are a travel blogger or you’d like to start your own travel blog I can’t recommend Travel Blog Success enough. You don’t need to become a member of Travel Blog Success to get started on your blogging adventure but if you want to learn from one of the best in the business and increase your odds that you’ll be able to generate an income with your travel blog than you need to sign up and get started reading through the lessons.

My review of Travel Blog Success

I started our travel blog a few years back mostly because I was bored one day. We had done lots of traveling already and I wished we would have started our blog back when we began traveling. I got A Couple Vagabonds up and running on my own and went around six months before signing up for Travel Blog Success. I ran into some problems and had to learn things slowly and teach myself along the way. If your new to blogging, Travel Blog Success will walk you through setting up your blog from the very beginning, avoiding some of the mistakes a new blogger might make starting out. After starting out on my own I eventually started seeing other travel bloggers recommending Travel Blog Success. I hoped that the blog might start earning us a little bit of money to help with our travels and after many months it had yet to do anything but cost me money keeping it up. Travel Blog Success claimed it was entirely possible to earn an income from travel blogging and I believed them, I just had to wait until I could afford it.

Then came our first big sponsor. We made around $500 selling a sidebar ad to a travel search engine. I decided to put the money towards a nice premium WordPress theme and a lifetime membership to Travel Blog Success. I read and reread all the lessons and listened to all the interviews with successful bloggers. Some things about building a blog I had already learned on my own, where I found real value was the lessons where you learn how to make money. Everything from how to bargain with potential advertisers and where to find them, to exactly how much you should be charging for different types of advertisements on your blog. With the help of travel blog success I went from making basically nothing to making a steady income every single month by travel blogging. Our most profitable month we made around $1500 on our travel blog. Without Travel Blog Success I doubt I would have stuck with blogging long enough to reach that. It gave me the knowledge I needed and the motivation to keep working at it until I became successful.

Since I want to be completely honest in my Travel Blog Success review, I will tell you that I rarely look to the website anymore. I’ve learned lots from it but for the time being have gotten all I can get from it. There is a very valuable Facebook group that travel bloggers can post questions to (possibly one of the more valuable aspects of the program), other experienced travel bloggers will help you with everything from technical problems to giving leads on advertisers. But as I don’t use Facebook, or have a real social media presence for our blog, I don’t use this aspect of Travel Blog Success. From time to time I’ll check back in and see if there is a new lesson or a new interview I can gain anything from, which is why I recommend signing up for the lifetime membership. You can go at your own pace and access anything new they come out with in the future.

So if you’re interested in improving your travel blog and making so money doing so then I recommend signing up for Travel Blog Success as soon as you can. It has paid for itself several times and will continue doing so over and over again.

*Travel Blog Success is 25% off from January 6th to January 10th. Use the Discount code TBS2014 at checkout.

 Travel Blog Success

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