Watch Netflix Outside the US for Free!

Don’t pay for a private VPN service when you can watch Netflix outside the US for free!

Netflix instant streaming is only available within the US. If you’re living abroad or travelling and want to watch Netflix while you’re away you can get around the location block by using a VPN (Virtual private Network). A VPN routes all your internet traffic through a server located in the United States which will trick Netflix into thinking you’re in the US. Now you can enjoy watching Netflix outside the US. There is more, if you want to watch Netflix outside the US for free you’ll need to dig a little further.

Netflix load screen trick

You can watch Netflix outside the US using the load screen trick method and a free VPN for Netflix

Most people who have gotten this far in their quest to watch Netflix abroad opt for using a paid VPN service which runs anywhere from $7/month to $50-60/year. There is another way around paying for a VPN service.

First go to (or you can google free vpn servers and use a different one if you’d like but their service works fine for me). Sign up on their website for their free VPN account, this gives you access to 100mb of data using their VPN server (don’t worry about the 100/mb limit we will get to that in a second). Install their software and connect to your new free VPN!

Next go to Netflix in your browser. You should no longer be seeing the message “Netflix is currently not available in your area” message. You can now browse to any movie you want and fire up their instant streaming service. Now the 100mb limit is nowhere near close enough data to watch Netflix outside the US but it will get halfway there.

Now for the trick!

Play your movie and when the loading screen comes up, wait for it to get to about 50%, go to your task bar and disconnect from the free VPN server. Your connection to Netflix will not be interrupted and your movie will begin playing shortly!

Enjoy watching Netflix outside the US without paying for a VPN! Next time you hear someone wishing they could watch Netflix outside the US be sure to tell them how to do it.

UPDATE: I’ve written a new post about streaming Netflix outside the US. While this method still works perfectly fine I found it much more convenient to sign up for an account with StrongVPN instead of using this workaround. 


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  • David Brickey

    I worked with John Peck whose daughter is a teacher over there. I’m in AFG and trying your VPN suggestion.

  • jediondito

    Currently there are more options than just VPN or proxy access. What about unblock us or zenok region-free? Personally I used both (7 day trial period) and like them very much. BTW I am located in South America and watch US TV every night.

  • s

    it worked for me thank you

    • Joe

      Your welcome

  • Hollow_Man

    Works for me in Sweden with the turn of your VPN trick.

  • random name

    must not work anymore…once I disconnect from the VPN server the Netflix loading screen produces an error

    • random name

      disregard this may be fault of my aweful internet connection

    • Joe

      Still works fine for me, I just tested it on two devices. Make sure you let it load around 50%. If it still stops just let the video start playing before you disconnect.

      • Jules

        Hey how do you stop it from connecting after I keep disconnecting the server (it keeps going back and connecting after about 15 seconds) Thanks!

  • feevond

    THANK U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! i have been so miserable without being able to watch my shows back home!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      No problem! Glad I could help :)

  • Joe

    Thanks….I guess

  • Tyra

    I did everything and disconnected it but now it’s saying I used all the data but I have yet to watch a movie or anything

  • Emily

    Is not compatible with my 2006 MacBook. :/ It sounds ancient but it’s great. (Unless you want to download certain things)

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