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Watch Netflix Outside the US *Updated*

Can you watch Netflix outside the US? It’s actually very easy to watch Netflix outside the US. One of our most viewed posts is Watch Netflix Outside the US for Free! After months of using this method successfully ourselves to stream Netflix in Korea via a free VPN server, I’ve finally opted to sign up for a paid VPN service. While the free method from my first post still works fine using Private Tunnel and the load screen trick, I got tired of the 100mb limit and having to make new accounts every time I ran out of data. Now that I’ve been using a paid VPN server for awhile, I definitely realized it’s the best way to watch Netflix outside of the US.

First thing you need to do to get started watching Netflix outside the Us is head over to StrongVPN and sign up for an account. Their VPN service starts at $55 per year and is worth every penny. After you’ve signed up follow their guide to get your VPN up and running, it’s a very simple process and doesn’t require any extra software to download. Once you’re connected you can start watching Netflix from outside the US. It may not be free but it’s much better this way. Not only can you now watch Netflix outside the US without using the load screen trick or hunting down free VPN servers, but you can even stream Netflix in HD while abroad,  StrongVPN is more than fast enough for HD streaming of Netflix.

Your new account with StrongVPN will let you watch Netflix outside the US, but you can now watch Hulu outside the US and use music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify from outside the US too. You can even connect to the VPN on your Android or iPhone while outside the US to stream Netflix or access other geographically locked content on the web from your smartphone. Stop wasting time with free VPN’s and other workarounds and sign up for a paid VPN, it will be the best fifty bucks you spend while living abroad. Enjoying watching Netflix from outside the US!


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3 Responses to Watch Netflix Outside the US *Updated*

  1. Alice September 7, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    Thanks for the tip. I’m currently residing in USA but will be returning to Singapore in Dec. i love Netflix n will try your method once I’m home so I can continue watching Netflix movies!


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