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How to Watch NFL Game Pass in the US

Currently there is no easy way to live stream NFL games online in the US. If you live outside the US, you can subscribe to NFL Game Pass and watch NFL games live, but because of television rights, fans in the United States have been left out of a reliable way to watch their favorite teams online. But, luckily, there is a way to get NFL Game Pass in the US so you can watch NFL games online too!

How to Watch NFL Game Pass in the US

If you go the the NFL Game Pass website from inside the United States you will be disappointed to see you can’t actually subscribe to their service. To watch NFL Game Pass in the US, just follow a few simple steps.

1. Subscribe to a VPN.

2. After you’ve set up your VPN connection, choose a server located outside the US.

3. Now head back to the NFL Game Pass website.

4. Now the Game Pass site will think you’re located outside the US, where Game Pass is fully available. You can sign up for their service no problem.

5. After signing up, leave your VPN connected and launch the Game Pass player.

6. You can now enjoy using NFL Game Pass in the US.


Q. Can I pay for NFL Game Pass with an American Credit Card?

A. American credit cards are accepted on the NFL Game Pass site as a valid form of payment. Many Americans living abroad still wish to watch football wherever they live. The NFL knows this and using and American credit card to subscribe to NFL Game Pass is no problem.

Q. Do I have to be connected to the VPN to watch NFL Game Pass in the US?

A. You must be connected to a VPN when logging into NFL Game Pass and launching the player from inside the US. However, after you’ve connected and started streaming, you can disconnect the VPN and your stream will continue. It doesn’t matter much unless you are experiencing speed issues with your VPN.

Q. What VPN should I use to watch NFL Game Pass in the US?

A. I recommend using StrongVPN to get NFL Game Pass in the US. They are cheap and their speeds are reliable and fast enough to stream games in HD quality.



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