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We live in France!

Guess what!? We live in France now. Our new adventure has moved us from South Korea to live in France. We have been in living in France about two months now. We came here to get TEFL Certified and to find work and live.

During our first month here we took an intensive 130 hour TEFL Certification course. I did not realize how intensive it would be. We attended class from 9am until 6pm with an hour lunch break in between. The course consisted of  teaching practice in the morning, feedback and then a lunch break. After lunch were information sessions, that covered various topics (grammar, teaching methods, phonology, etc). There were also various assignments throughout the course, that covered topics such as learning a foreign language, one-to-one teaching, etc. Overall, I thought that the course was invaluable, I learned a lot about teaching that I didn’t learn in my year of teaching in South Korea. We also made a great group of friends that we have continued to keep in touch with after the course.

Since the course has ended, almost a month ago, we have been flat hunting and job searching. Getting your own flat here in France is not easy for a foreigner due to the need to have a guarantor who lives in France and pays French taxes. We kept looking and were lucky to find a nice lady that would let our parents in the US be a guarantor. Now we are settled in our own flat and can start focusing our efforts on job hunting.

Living in France is like a dream come true. There is not a day that we don’t walk down the street and are amazed by the fact that we live in france. Europe (France in particular) is absolutely amazing; the history, the old buildings, the way of life is in stark contrast to the US and Asia. If you ever wanted to live in France you should give it a try. We didn’t do anything special, just decided we wanted to live and France and went and did it.

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