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We made it!

In case you don’t already know or you missed one of our latest updates but, we live in France now. The time has flown by since the day we landed here in France. It has not been an easy road, we’ve had some serious lows along the way. From not having a place to stay in our first few weeks, dragging our bags across town desperately searching for a hotel so we didn’t have to sleep outside, to the challenge of finding an apartment in France as a foreigner. We were woefully unprepared and unknowing of the challenges in front of us when we got here, but somehow we made it through the first couple months and finally found a place to live. Finally as of last week, we both finally found teaching jobs here in France. Now that we have a place to live and jobs we can finally relax and enjoy knowing that this crazy idea I had over a year ago to move to France actually worked, we finally made it.

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